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New Website, New Story, New Recipes

I started Kiss My Bundt in 2005 after a lifetime of baking and creating recipes with my family and friends. This journey led me to catering desserts at Hollywood events (Grammys, Teen Choice Awards, Emmys, etc) up until 2007, when I broke ground on a little brick storefront in a cute area of Los Angeles near Beverly Hills called "West 3rd Street." I opened that bakery and kept baking up bundts until Fall 2010, when I decided to close it after too many challenges related to the 2008 recession, and sugar and chocolate shortages and price hikes that came from hurricanes and droughts that diminished supply and increased demand (and the prices!).

From there, I expanded to savory cooking in addition to dessert making, working as a chef for Los Angeles-based catering companies like Wolfgang Puck and Patina Group, before joining (of all things) a Venture Capitalist firm in 2013 to help them launch a "Tech meets Taste" app that would pair hungry clients with an exceptional in-home private chef. That wonderful little experiment, eventually named Tastery, was an incredibly fun project that helped me not only develop menus and recipes but also helped me hire, train and partner with great chefs and prep-cooks across Los Angeles. It also led me into a 3-year experience as a private chef, specializing in in-home events and dinner parties. Oh...the stories I could tell! All along the way, I've kept logs of my recipes and stories. Many of them are in the best selling Kiss My Bundt Cookbook. And many of them were located on, my 10-year old website that was the archive of the Kiss My Bundt story.

Through unknown circumstances, that website was deleted at the end of 2019, and the backup files went missing. That means every blog, photo, and recipes from over 10 years are gone.

After the panic set in, then despair, then know...some of the stages of acceptance... I took this online erasure as an opportunity to build a new website that's more reflective of what Kiss My Bundt has become. We're no longer a catering company, no longer a brick-and-mortar bakery, and no longer actively cooking for folks on a daily basis. techniques.

I am still cooking and creating recipes, however. And collecting and writing stories. And partnering with others to make quirky recipes rooted in sound cooking techniques. This site will be a place to share that with you, as well as new projects and opportunities to take a cooking or baking class with me in SF, LA, ATL or any place you ask me to come!

Chrysta Wilson

March 29, 2020

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